Go Port

Some work from my time at Go Port

Counter Banners

Times are tough right now for the travel and cruise industry. We needed to come up with a fun and simple way to get people a little more excited and eager to start planning their future vacations.
I was asked to come up with two site banners: a countdown to cruising and a package counter. Both keep track and update in real time.

Pinterest Infographic

A Pinterest infographic that gives a visual and written step-by-step guide of how a "Fly Snooze Cruise" package at Go Port works. (Original travel illustrations are from Bigstock, customized/arranged by me).

Frequently Asked Questions Page

A redesign for the Go Port FAQ page. Question cards expand to reveal answers when the user clicks on them. The first card is expanded on default to show function. The keyword search bar and category tabs help the user narrow down their search.

Request Your Refund Option Page

I was asked to come up with a page that allows customers to request refunds or package credits for their cancelled cruise packages. Shown is the desktop and mobile view of the cancellation/order status page and all available options that may be shown.

Refund Option Modals

Once the user selects "Request Cancellation", a modal pops up showing two options. A "Best Value" option is highlighted to give the user quick, valuable feedback about which option has the best monetary value. After the user selects an option, fills out any inputs, and clicks submit a confirmation message is shown, and they can now exit the modal. (Shown in desktop and mobile view).

Orlando vs. Port Canaveral Info Cards

I was asked to design a page section that compares the benefits of staying in Orlando vs. the benefits of staying in Port Canaveral. Each "View Packages" button links the user to the respective listings page.